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Holopuni Outrigger Canoe Covers and Trampolines

Diane has created custom patterns for trampolines and covers on the main hull, amas, iakos, mast & sails, so no matter where you are in the world you can obtain any part of or a full set of covers for your boat from Ocean Designs. The use of Tenara thread guarantees that re-stitching is never necessary.

Nick Beck, Holopuni Canoes
Holopuni Hull Covers
Main Hull Deluxe version:
The main hull cover is done in two pieces that form fit and slide on from the bow and from the stern. They come together at the aft Iako's and are fastened together with a combination of twist lock fasteners w/ chafe guard backing, a velcro/cloth flap and two nylon webbing straps with buckles on the top.

Completely trimmed out in Sunbrella double fold binding w/ loops for tie's at the bottom edge. Cut outs for the forward Iako's are also secured with twist lock fasteners. There is a large chafe guard patch which rests on the splash guard. Available in Sunbrella or Weathermax. The Main Hull BasicVersion: has all the same features, but has velcro in place of twist lock fasteners and w/ minimal trim.

Holopuni Ama Covers
Ama covers: Priced per ama
The Ama covers are form fitting and are made for either the port and/or starboard side specifically. Cutouts for the Iako's done with twist lock fasteners w/ backing. There is ample room for lashings and fittings. Using velcro in place of twist lock fasteners reduce the price.
Holopuni Mast and Sail Covers
Mast and sail covers:
This cover is a long tapered sleeve that you slide the sail rolled onto the mast into. It is the full length of the mast and has sets of cord to tie it up toward the bottom.
Holopuni Iako Covers
Iako covers: Iako covers vary according to design required per Iako. A sailing set of Iako covers are done in four separate pieces so that you have the option of just using two for the paddling set up. Each cover wraps around the iakos and fastens to itself with velcro and also opens up to accommodate the trampoline.
Holopuni Trampolines

Trampolines are made of white heavy duty vinyl mesh, reinforced with 4 layers of nylon webbing and dacron tape to accommodate both the #4 grommets lashed fore & aft and the sleeves that go around the polas. Approximately 48" wide by 62" long.

Trampolines for other sailing multihulls are custom and priced according to size and technique used for the design.


NOTE: A couple of specifics you may appreciate are that all Sunbrella covers are finished inside with overlock stitching (no fraying). Sweet!

A 50% deposit is required at the time the order is placed. The balance paid prior to shipping via USPS priority mail. Shipping charges vary greatly according to the destination. Hawaii excise tax is affective statewide.

Depending on orders ahead of yours, completion time is normally approximately 2-3 weeks from the receipt of deposit by cash, check or credit card. All work is guaranteed to make you happy with your product.

Shipping charges vary according to the destination. Holopuni covers can be ordered sight unseen and shipped anywhere. All other covers are individually fitted on site.

To make arrangements please Call Diane @ 808-635-2909

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