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Na Pali and Osprey HatsAs an avid ocean sport enthusiast, Diane began designing and building beautiful high quality custom canvas boat covers, board bags, duffles, etc. while working as a sail making apprentice in the mid 70's. Her work has always been recognized for being consistently innovative and artfully executed with quality workmanship and the proper implementation of the very finest components. Along with proper fit and a beautifully finished design, this combination guarantees optimum performance proven to withstand time and the elements, the essentials of outdoor use.Fisherman

Besides prior sailing ventures, Diane spent the 80's sailing multihulls throughout Mexico and Central America, absolutely loving the cruising lifestyle and all that it entailed. Life on the water suits her well and it is where she is most at home. While traveling with sewing machine on board 'Ocean Designs' was born out of necessity and artistic expression.

Since being back in the islands the past several years, Diane has created custom design covers for OC-1, OC-3, OC-4 and OC-6 canoes, multihull trampolines, sailcovers, dodgers, bimini's and awnings for both marine and home use.

In 2008, after getting into stand up paddling, Diane created an innovative and easy to use slip on cover for SUP use, which are also great for surfboards, paddle boards, surf ski's, kayaks and canoes. She wanted UV protection without the hassle of hot, bulky board bags and came up with a great design which comes in several versions of materials and styles. The first of it's kind and the best. Once again, affordable quality and attention to detail in an innovative and original design.

The original 'Osprey hats' were designed during the cruising years. This rugged packable and washable hat has become a timeless classic, born out of necessity and inspired by the spirit of adventure. It's original design has an Aussie flavor and the influence of the cruisers they were made for. They are the refined result of expertise and experimentation, comfortably contoured with the fit and appeal of custom tailoring. The 'Osprey' has been well tested all over the planet by those serious about travel, expedition and sport, from sea to summit and proven to be exceptionally durable and user friendly in a wide range of circumstances in sun, rain and wind.
Diane's own has served her well for thousands of miles by land and sea since 1983 on sailing, surf and dive trips, paddling, hiking and conservation work, all through Latin America and Asia and is still, soulfully going strong in ever more adventures.

Based in Hawaii again and glad to be back in warm water and mana filled land, Ocean Designs is here to provide beautiful protection for you and your boats. Feel free to contact Diane.

My personal mission statement...

"Through my travels to different parts of the world, aware of our planets circumstance and because of my love of nature and the best of humanity, I'd like to add a personal note .... Our integrity is reflected in the well-being and health, not only of our amazing natural world, but also in our global awareness to act with compassion for all living beings and beyond all borders. After all, we share this amazing planet and in reality we are one. As we are inspired and spiritually nourished by the wonder and beauty of nature we also share a responsibility to do what we can to actively protect wild places and wildlife. I encourage and applaud you for being involved. The avian 'Osprey' and all that it's linked to, thrive upon our healthy oceans, lakes and rivers running clean and free. Wild places and the extraordinary life that are a part of these perfectly balanced environments ... in their own right... deserve all of our care, appreciation and respect by leaving them intact and unharmed in our wake"...

Diane Kreiger
Diane Krieger

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