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"Tested from Sea to Summit"

Jim Whittaker  Mountaineer  Ocean Sailor

"Thanks for a great hat. What great sun protection!
I will use it on sea and mountains."

Jim Whittaker
Ocean Sailor

"Here's a picture of the official hat of the UBAR Archeological Expedition. Despite the wind, it's still in place. Boy, am I glad I brought this hat. It's been absolutely invaluable in the high desert winds. When this picture was taken, we were hopelessly lost in the Rub Al Khali Desert. Even the Bedouin didn't know where we were. However, low-tech dead reckoning got us through and the lost city was found! Thanks to you and your staff."

Kay Clapp
Documentary Filmmaker

Kay Clapp  Documentary Filmmaker



Dave and Kathy Bell  Sebastipol, CA

"We wore our hats through India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, Australia, and New Zealand, practically lived in them. We just wanted to say that these hats hold up well in severe, frequently filthy, damp, hot, cold, brutal conditions. Great hat!"

Dave and Kathy Bell
Sebastipol, CA


"These hats proved to be invaluable while in Africa. Equally adept at keeping the 110 degree sun off our faces while remaining breathable and cool. No matter how wet and squashed these hats get, they still hold their shape. It is the perfect outdoor hat."

Marc Goddard and
Laurence Alvarez-Roos
Member, Team California
Two-Time World Rafting Champions


"This hat has worked its way into my essential kayaking gear. I spend six months in the northern hemisphere and the other six in Chile each year as a full time paddler and kayaking ambassador. I've got to protect myself, and I like to do it in style. The Osprey travels tight and looks good no matter what I put it through, won't go anywhere without it."

Chris Spelius
International paddler and river conservationist
Member '84 Olympic Kayaking Team
Owner and operator Expediciones Chile

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